Data Plans

Stay connected with our data plans! With four available plans to pick from, we’ve got you covered.

1GB Monthly Plan
1GB data
(12.00 AM to 11.59PM)
30 Days Validity
Activate: 1GB
Subscribe: 1GB ADD
Unsubscribe: 1GB STOP
Monthly Combo Plan
1GB data
+ FREE 60mins local calls
+ FREE 200 SMS (On-Net only)
30 Days Validity
Activate: CC64
Check: CC64 STATUS
Subscribe: CC64 ADD
Unsubscribe: CC64 STOP
Weekly Plan
200MB data
+ FREE 20mins local calls
7 Days Validity
Activate: CC17
Check: CC17 STATUS
Subscribe: CC17 ADD
Unsubscribe: CC17 STOP
3GB Monthly Plan
3GB data
(12.00 AM to 11.59PM)
30 Days Validity
Activate: 3GB
Subscribe: 3GB ADD
Unsubscribe: 3GB STOP
To activate a data plan, send the Activate keyword (e.g. 1GB) to 2222.


  • If you do not have enough credit for renewal, your data plan will be automatically deactivated. You will be required to re-subscribe to the data plan when you have enough credit
  • To activate a data plan, send the Activate keyword (e.g. 1GB) for your data plan to 2222
  • To check data quota balance, send the Check keyword (e.g. 1GB STATUS) for your data plan to 2222
  • If you have exhausted your data quota, you may purchase additional data by sending the Subscribe keyword (e.g. 50MB ADD) for your data plan to 2222
  • Unused data quota does not carry forward
  • To unsubscribe from the plan, send the Unsubscribe keyword (e.g. 1GB STOP) for your data plan to 2222
  • Users can only subscribe to one (1) data plan at any one time

Note that every SMS text message sent to 2222 costs RM0.20