Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Refer to Tone Group HQ or a Service Centre/Branch to purchase a business pack
  • Tone Excel:
    • Purchase a Tone Excel SIM card from a Service Centre / Branch or HQ
    • Fill in the appropriate registration form
    • Submit it to the Service Centre / Branch or Tone Group HQ via email or fax
  • Tone Plus:
    • Purchase a Tone Plus SIM card from HQ
    • Fill in the appropriate registration form
    • Your referee / sponsor will now register you into the Tone Plus system to obtain a User ID:
      • Go to and log in to your account
      • Click on Register New User on the Main Menu
      • Fill in the form with the information according to the registration form
      • Click Register
      • You will obtain the User ID upon successful registration. Write this User ID onto the registration form

Tone Account

  • Go to
  • Log in using your username (NRIC/Passport No.) and password
  • Go to
  • Log in using your username (NRIC/Passport No.) and password
  • Update your profile in “Edit Profile”
  • Update your bank info in “Edit Bank Info”
  • Update your beneficiary info in “Edit Beneficiary Info”
  • Change your password in “Change Password”
  • Go to
  • Log in using your username (NRIC/Passport No.) and password
  • Check your network in “User List”
  • Check your income statement in “Statement”


  • The minimum requirement to qualify for commission is a minimum top up amount of RM30 within the calendar month
  • No. You may transfer credit to any subscribers of Tune Talk, however it is not considered top up
  • You may have not obtained your commission due to these reasons:
    • You did not fulfil the minimum monthly top up of RM30
    • Your total commission is less than RM30
    • Your Tune Talk mobile service has expired
    • Your bank account information is incomplete
  • Go to
  • Click on “Downloads”
  • Download, print and fill up the Third Party Account Form
  • Send the complete Third Party Account Form to Tone Group HQ via email to or fax to +603-90540278 with a copy of NRIC/Passport attached for both parties involved
  • Check when your personal top up was made
  • Check the “Last Updated Date” in your summary
    • If your top up is before the “Last Updated Date,” please contact our customer service at +6010-5000969 / +6010-5333969 (Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm)
  • Fast Track Bonus is divided into two pay-out schedules:
    • 1st – 15th of every month: Pay-out on the same month
    • 16th – end of every month: Pay-out on the 11th of the following month
  • Your new referral has not made any calls or sent any text messages. Please ensure that your referral makes at least one phone call or sends at least one text message
  • Commissions are transferred via wire transfer directly into your bank account upon the value reaching RM30 or more. If commissions are below RM30, they will be brought forward to the following month
  • Commissions are paid on the 21st of each month
  • You may assign a third party to receive your commissions on your behalf
  • Download the “Third Party Account Form” from
  • Complete the form and send it to Tone Group HQ via email at or fax to +603-90540278 and include copies of NRIC / Passport of both parties involved
  • Every transaction made will incur bank charges of RM3
  • Tone Excel:
    • If you do not have any downlines, you will not receive any commission – except for the Tune Talk points for top ups performed
    • You will not receive any commissions unless you have downlines on each level (Level 1: 6%, Level 2: 3%, Level 3: 11%) when they top up

SIM Card Lost / Expired

  • Purchase a SIM card replacement at RM10 at Tone Group HQ or at your Service Centre/Branch
  • Send email with the particulars below to
    • Name:
    • NRIC/Passport No.:
    • Retained / Lost Number: (needs to be in Active status)
    • New Serial Number (New SIM): (need to be registered and in Active status)
    • Attach copy of NRIC/Passport:
    • Purchased SIM replacement from: