Khairat Kematian Benefits

TONE members’ (TONE EXCEL, TONE PLUS, TONE WOW) benefits remain our priorities. The recent revision of terms and conditions of Tabung Khairat Kematian (ref: TG/N&C/20210701/EN) has generated many feedbacks.

We truly appreciate and value your feedback. After careful study and detail deliberations, we are have included a new revision as follows:



Effective 1st July 2021, the Terms & Conditions for Khairat Kematian have been revised to the following:-

1. The Cooling-Off period for TONE members is as follows:

2. TONE Members that:

a. Has minimum of Three (3) Direct Recruited Member active for more than 90 days to qualify for Khairat Kematian, the payment for Khairat Kematian will be as follows:

b. Has less than Three (3) Direct Recruited Member, the payment for Khairat Kematian will be as follows:

3. The beneficiary that claim for Khairat Kematian MUST be an Active TONE WOW member (TONE WOW Excel or TONE WOW PLUS) (Active status) on the submission date of Khairat Kematian claim and each (NRIC) is entitled to a one time claim.

4. No.1 until no. 3 applies to the member who signed up ON and AFTER 1st July 2021. TONE Members that signed up BEFORE 1st July 2021, will follow old terms and conditions.

5. TONE EXCEL and TONE PLUS Members joined on or after 1st July 2021 will NOT be entitled for Khairat Kematian.

6. Members with multiple accounts in TONE EXCEL, TONE PLUS or TONE WOW will have to maintain a Top up of RM30, RM50 or RM60 and above every month in any one (1) single MSISDN (Phone Number) in order to be eligible for this benefit.

7. Eligibility to this benefit is subject to the accuracy of subscriber's personal information as per his/her Mykad/Passport/Police ID/Army ID entered at point of registration.

8. The benefit commences and ends based on each calendar month. (Example: 1st April to 30th April).

9. Any new Member registered after 30th September 2019 and who is 70 years old and above will not be eligible for this benefit.

10. The claim should be made within 90 days from the date of death.

11. In the event of demise, this entitlement will be disbursed to the beneficiary as named by deceased Member in Membership Management System (MMS) and / or MyWOW application before passed away at Khairat Beneficiary section. In the event no beneficiary is named by the Member in MMS, this entitlement will be disbursed to the Member’s Spouse, children or nearest next of kin but need to provide document as proof of relationship to the deceased.

12. All Members are encouraged to update their beneficiary details in TGMMS ( OR TWMMS (

13. In the event a claim has been made using a Member ID, that account is no longer eligible for the khairat benefit.

14. Each member (NRIC) is entitled to a single lifetime claim regardless of multiple member ID’s (e.g. member is in Tone Excel, Tone Plus or Tone Wow programme)

15. ALL claim MUST attach together with Change of Ownership Form

16. If there is any false information given, the claim will be null and void.

17. The claim process is within 30 days from date of document received.

18. All other normal Terms and Conditions apply and the Company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

  • In order to make a claim, beneficiary is required to submit the following documents:
    • Copy of Death certificate (with certified)
    • IC or Passport copy of deceased (with certified)
    • IC or Passport copy of beneficiary (with certified)
    • A copy of police report (if available)



  • Please fill in the Change of Ownership Form (as form attached). Also, resubmit to us for change of ownership process and attach together with new owner document ID (NRIC/Passport)