Highest Direct Activation Campaign


Campaign Period Weekly for Individual Member
Monthly for Branch Group
Campaign Duration 3rd October to 31st December 2016
  • Random Draw - Selected Date or Draw Date for HIGHEST Individual Direct Activation of the day.
  • Weekly Total for the HIGHEST individual Direct Activation of the week.
  • Monthly for Branch with HIGHEST Direct Activation under its Group.
Prizes Individual Random Draw - RM2,000
  Individual Weekly Total - RM1,500
  Monthly Branch with Highest Activation -
Certificate/Award of Excellence + RM1,000 Group outing expenses.

Random Draw - Weekly draw to select a date from the Contest Week to determine the member with the highest activation on the chosen Draw Date.

  Weekly Total - Individual member with the highest activation for the particular Contest Week will win RM1,500.
  Monthly - Branch with Highest Activation under their Group will receive certificate/award of excellence + RM1,000 Group outing expenses.

Terms & Conditions:

  • All valid and active Tone Excel and Tone Plus members are eligble to regardless of nationality.
  • Activation for Branch Group will take in to account all NEW activations by individual members falling under the particular branch.
  • For the Branch Group Owner to be entitled for the prize, the Owner must have a personal NEW Direct activation during the Contest Monthof not less than 5 NEWmembers.
  • The draw to determine the Selected Date or Draw Date for Random Draw will be done on the following Wednesday of each contest week, during the preview, if possible..
  • If there is a tie with 2 eligible winners for any prize, of any category, the prize money will be split. If there is a tie with more than 2 eligible winners, the Management will conduct a further draw on the said Draw Date, to select only 1 (ONE) winner for the prize money.
  • Activation is defined by a successful registration and activation of the NEW SIM Card as displayed on TGMMS and the Tune Talk Systems.
  • The Management reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions of the campaign without prior notice. The Management’s decision is Final and no appeal will be entertained.

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