2017 Incentive Trip

For the Tone Group Members Incentive Trips for 2017, the Management has identified 2 regions for travel -
Europe and South East Asia.The specific countries will be determined in due course.
In order to give more Members, including new Members, an opportunity to qualify, the Management has determined the following criteria:



Qualification by Levels
Tone Excel Tone Plus Cumulative
Card Purchase (Pcs)
Personal Direct Activation
(New Member)
Qualify For
2,500 70 1 Ticket+ RM2,200 Allowance
2,300 150 1 Ticket+ RM2,000 Allowance
JUNIOR CENTER SERVICE CENTER 1,600 300 1 Ticket+ RM1,000 Allowance
NORMAL MEMBER NIL 600 1 Ticket+ RM1,000 Allowance

South East Asia

Qualification by Levels
Tone Excel Tone Plus Cumulative
Card Purchase (Pcs)
Personal Direct Activation
(New Member)
Qualify For
BRANCH PREMIUM BRANCH/BRANCH 1,250 35 1 Ticket+ RM1,100 Allowance
SERVICE CENTER PREMIUM SERVICE CENTER 1,150 75 1 Ticket+ RM1,000 Allowance
JUNIOR CENTER SERVICE CENTER 800 150 1 Ticket+ RM500 Allowance
NORMAL MEMBER NIL 300 1 Ticket+ RM500 Allowance

Terms & Conditions:

  • Running period for the above is from 1st November 2016 - 31st of July 2017.
  • Calculation of SIM Cards purchased and Personal Direct Activation is cumulative during the Running Period and is retroactive to 1st November 2016. All purchases must be accompanied by proof of purchase from either Tone Group HQ or authorised Branch which includes the serial range of the SIM cards.
  • SIM serial range cannot be re-used to claim tickets i.e. if a Branch purchases 2,500 SIM cards and if part of or all of the SIM cards in that range are sold to another member and subsequently used by that member to claim a ticket, the same SIM serial range can no longer be re-used by the Branch to claim a ticket.
  • Personal Direct Activation is defined and calculated as an activation performed by the Member itself and not by their Group.
  • This Incentive Trip campaign is open to all Registered and Active Tone Excel & Tone Plus members Member Only, regardless of nationality or race.
  • Tickets and Cash Allowance entitlements are not transferrable to non-members.
    Tickets earned are not exchangeable for Cash but can be transferred downline to only Members within your Direct network and is subject to Company approval. Allowance can transferred and will be paid subject according to the receipient members status. Transfer of tickets to upline are not allowed.
  • 1x Europe Ticket is exchangeable for 2 x SEA Ticket. Should you wish to exchange your tickets, you are required to inform HQ in writing @ hq.care@tonegroup.net no later than 31st July 2017. Any requests thereafter will not be entertained and tickets will be forefeited.
  • Branches, Service & Junior Centers are entitled to additional tickets after achieving the 1st ticket, by purchasing additional 2,500 SIM cards regardless of level: e.g.
    Service Center:
    1st ticket – achieved by purchasing 2,300 cards + 150 x Personal Direct Activation
    2nd ticket – 2,500 cards
    The Personal Direct Activation is your licence to qualify for a ticket followed by the purchase of SIM cards.
  • As the Trips are open to qualifying Members only, should a member wish to bring along their family members, it is chargeable and is subject to the approval of the Company. Members are required to write in with their request and provide full details and particulars of the individuals travelling and the nature of their relationship.
  • The Management reserves the right to change the destinations at a later date should the reason arise, for unforseen circumstances and without prior notice.
  • All Members eligible for travel must submit their travel documents by the date stipulated. Non-compliance will result in forefeiture of the tickets.
  • In the event a qualifying member confirms attendance for the trip but does not show up on the departure date, their allowance will be forfeited.
  • All other normal Terms and Conditions apply and The Management reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions of the Incentive Trip without prior notice.
  • The Management’s decision is Final and no appeal will be entertained.

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